THE COVID-19 TOOLKIT: your community is your most valuable asset

The COVID-19 crisis has suddenly disrupted the way you normally maintain close relationships with your clients/community members. You are trying to manage the resulting restrictions and are having to make tough decisions on a daily basis.

Now, more than ever, listening to your community and keeping the communication flowing is critical and urgent. We have adapted our HEDERA Impact Toolkit to meet the needs of ALL your clients.

Without communication there is no relationship.

HEDERA makes it possible for organizations to listen to all households, small businesses, and communities. We empower rural organizations to undertake data-driven decision making, to ensure that no one is left behind.

To give you and your community a way to remotely connect, we offer a toolkit that includes:

free support and customizable apps for remote data collection

dedicated channels to share information

a dashboard to view and monitor results


We provide support for digitization of standard, as well as customized, surveys that can be adapted to the context.
Available surveys cover topics such as the impact of COVID-19 on businesses (BRAC) (preview PDF) and households (BFA Global) (preview PDF), needs assessment (preview PDF), client interview tools (SPTF) (preview PDF), and COVID-19 health assessment (preview PDF).
The surveys are provided in mobile (Android app) or web form (accesible via browser).
Institutions can decide which surveys are accessible to their app users. Depending on the context, surveys can be conducted by employees - e.g. via telephone calls - or directly completed by the households.
Supported types of data you can collect include responses to open and multiple choice questions, GPS coordinates, photos, and audio and video recordings.
Surveys on household needs and access to basic services, related to SDG assessment, can be integrated on request.

THE APP: your own channel to communicate with and serve your community

We provide an app for institutions not yet digitized that is easy to use and enables them to reach their target communities.
It can be used by staff for telephone or in-person interviews, or directly by the target households.
The app can be customized with your logo and multimedia material you want to share.
It includes several surveys focused on the implications of the pandemic and the needs at the household, business, and community level.


With the app you can:
  • Upload any multimedia
  • Integrate links
  • Share the latest news
  • Connect to other sites
  • Enable emergency and contact numbers


Organizations receive access to a dashboard (password-protected) that enables them to view the survey results and monitor the automatically uploaded data.
The organization is the owner of the collected data and uses it to support decision-making processes regarding the design of aid programs. The data is handled securely, and users of the app are informed of the purpose of data collection and data privacy policies.
The dataset can also be shared as a .csv file to enable an organization to transfer it to an internal/ in-house data management system.

We keep track of all the people who visit our town on a daily basis. Before we met HEDERA, we were doing it on paper for over 750 people. I am so thankful for this app! Visitors and locals can register by themselves, and we can follow up on the results in our dashboard.

Deicy Milena Alvear, Health Director, Linares Municipality, Nariño, Colombia



Agreement on app usage

HEDERA will sign an agreement with the institutions willing to use the app with their community/ clients, defining the terms and conditions, including the data protection policy.


Revision of questions for specific required adaptation

The institution decides which surveys to use. Surveys can be customized (questions can be added, deleted, or modified) according to the needs of the organization and local context.


Integration of organization’s logo / app customization

The app can be customized to reflect the corporate identity of the organization, if desired. The app can be shared as an .apk file or uploaded to Google Play Store.


Access granted to dashboard and pre-diagnostic results

Organizations can access their own dashboards to view the survey results and download the full data set.

GET IN TOUCH: Do you need to conduct a survey?
Languages, questions, recommendations, and additional surveys for further data collection can be customized.

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