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Proud of having being part of the
African Microfinance Week (SAM) 2019!

The SAM in Ouagadogou has been an extremely intense event for exchanging research findings, discussing challenges, discovering innovative impact tools, and paving ways forward for sustainable development.
We are thankful to ADA and the organizers of Research Meets Africa and of the SAM Innovator Village for this great opportunity ...see more...

Hope to see you soon at the European Microfinance Week!


We believe that hard targets can be only achieved when they are defined by standard, and accurate indicators.
HEDERA focuses on transforming impact assessment through the creation of tools and platforms that make impact monitoring easier, cheaper, and more transparent. Through our solutions, we aim to cost efficiently boost the development of final beneficiaries.

Access to finance is one of the major barriers towards access to basic services, such as energy, housing, water, or education. The financial gap towards the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda can be only closed in a multilateral effort of the private and public sector. Impact investors and inclusive financial institutions committed to their social mission play a crucial role. We believe that inclusive financial institutions have a great potential to impact sustainable development by focusing on the needs of their clients.
HEDERA helps impact investors, financial institutions, to track progress towards the SDGs. We believe that sustainable development can only be achieved through the establishment of transparent and insightful indicators. These indicators are multidimensional, not binary. And they shall capture the needs of single households. This is the only way how we can ensure that investments do what they are meant for – help those in need. We provide financial institutions and social enterprises with efficient data collection, client-centric assessment, and reporting tools that allow them to track the results of interventions at the individual household level with marginal additional costs. Through our data analysis and monitoring solutions, organizations are able to assess the impact of interventions using the latest impact assessment standards and monitor the progress of their clients in regards to the SDGs.


Know your beneficiaries. Track your results. Improve your impact.

Our unique impact toolkit enables you to collect, analyze and report standardized, household-based & internationally acknowledged sustainability metrics.

Easy to use. Customized to meet your needs.


The HEDERA training platform enables the creation, management, and monitoring of training materials and provides a space for knowledge exchange and follow-up on brief and long-term trainings.

Create your own session and users. Train your staff remotely.

The whole investment process, from impact investors to microfinance institutions and other microfinance stakeholders, happens mostly offline with high costs and low efficiency. We want to change this. Natalia Realpe, CEO of Hedera



Natalia Realpe Carrillo


Alberto Diaz-Durana


Lilo Wagner

Business Dev

Alfonso Caiazzo

Software Dev


Digitization is a global phenomenon. Billions of people expect respect with their personal data. We believe in the need of worldwide data protection standards for a #responsibleAI to support organizations working with personal data collected outside of Europe. We pitched at 2019 DIN-Connect Pitch Event our idea of developing new standards for the data collection and AI processes, and to extend European protection and regulation standards also to personal data collected outside the EU.

Thank to the Jury for this unique opportunity and congratulation to the winner cirplus!

The SAM Innovator village, in the context of the African Microfinance Week gathered innovative solutions to empower microfinance institutions.
The focus of the 2019 Innovator Village was the linkage between financial inclusion and the contribution towards the SDGs.
Together with more than twenty exhibitors, we presented our HEDERA Impact Toolkit and our HEDERA Training e-learning platform.
Thanks to the organizers and to all our visitors!

The conference Research Meets Africa, organized in the framework of the African Microfinance Week (SAM), aims to promote research and innovation in the field of inclusive finance in Africa by connecting researchers from African and international universities with practitioners in the sector.
The main focus of the conference was the contribution of inclusive finance to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
Natalia presented our paper, A decentralized approach for assessing energy access at the household level to monitor and maximize the impact of inclusive finance towards SDG7, related to the results obtained with the HEDERA Impact Toolkit in our case studies.
We are thankful to ADA for organizing this meeting!

The competition (Gründerwettbewerb Digitale Innovationen) is open to all German start-ups in the area of Information & Technology.
The prize is sponsored by the German Ministry for Economics Affairs and Energy
and awarded, twice a year, by a Jury of experts in business, economics, science and engineering.
We are happy to announce that today, at the EMO in Hannover, HEDERA was awarded one of the prizes of the first competition phase in 2019.
We are thankful to all the people who supported us along this journey!

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HEDERA is proud to have participated as exhibitor at 12th Convergences World Forum “Inequalities – Transitions - Solutions”!

The 12th edition of the Convergences World Forum took place on September 5 & 6 at the Palais Brongniart in Paris. More than 5,000 attendees and speakers from the business, solidarity, government, academic and media gathered to share ideas and build solutions around the theme “Inequalities – Transitions - Solutions”.

We exhibited together with Babyloan, ADA, Financesol, Finance for Tomorrow, and ENDA at the Finance4Good village.
Thanks to the organizers and to all our visitors!

ACTED and Convergences invited HEDERA to pitch at the 3Zero House to convince partipants how can access to finance enable sustainable development.
Sharing the stage with LABEZZ, ADA, Finance for Tomorrow, FinanceSol, we were inspired with the commitment of these organizations.
Thanks to the organizers!

HEDERA was nominated among the three best teams for the special sustainability award at the Business Plan Wettbewerb (BPW) Berlin Brandenburg.

See our video presentation!

Natalia presented HEDERA at the SDG Conference for Africa in Kigali (Rwanda)
Special thanks to the SDG Center for Africa for the invitation!

HEDERA in the Tagesspiegel! Natalia has been interviewed for the
opening of the EINS coworking space at the TU Berlin
Thanks to the Centre for Entrepreneurship, we are glad to be part of this community!

Natalia at the European Microfinance Week in Luxembourg: Workshop on the latest energy access metrics with the Action Group Green Inclusive and Climate Smart Finance

Our first time on stage! HEDERA organized the session Financial sustainability of renewable energies in Colombia: Mith or Reality at the first Convergences Forum Colombia (Bogotá, 6-8 November 2018).


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